The Blossoming of Bloom
Our Story, Our People, and Our Venture Family of Restaurants

Bar staff adds signature 130 Blooms cocktail to martini glass.

Our Story

Venture Group Tenerife launched Bloom Bar & Brunch in 2019 as Tenerife’s first elegant breakfast, brunch and bar restaurant.

Our décor echoes an elegant renaissance of Art Nouveau-meets-Art Deco in a contemporary yet chic setting. Romantic and modern contemporary is at the heart of our beautiful and unique concept that is Bloom.

Bloom is a place where you can hit pause and spend time with friends and family in exquisite surroundings. It is where you can enjoy the culinary mastery and the latest mixology techniques that come together to create Bloom’s signature breakfast dishes and evening drinks. You can delight in knowing the time you spend here is well deserved.

We welcome walk-ins, but love going the extra mile for special occasions. Please contact our Venture Concierge booking team for any special requests.

Bloom Bar and Brunch team of chefs, front of house, serving staff and mixologists.

Our People

Venture Group Tenerife currently employs over three hundred people. The team is made up of Tenerife’s finest chefs, front of house staff, serving teams and mixologists. Each member of staff within every Venture Group restaurant or bar has been hand picked for their passion, knowledge and personality to suit each venue’s diversity. Our passionate team are the life and soul of Bloom – getting to know our locals and visitors is their mission.

We appreciate that our customer’s time is precious. In return for your time we will ensure every moment will be celebrated with a Blooming smile and dedication to an exciting new dining adventure.

If you would like to work with our Bloom team, or in any of the Venture Group Tenerife restaurants, please visit our careers website.

It is the unique blend of an appreciation of time, a desire for great customer service, a passion for excellent food and the delight in sharing in-depth knowledge of the local area with others that define us as a family. – Bloom

Venture Restaurant Collection

Venture Group Tenerife consists of a wide selection of the best restaurants in Tenerife. In addition we are proud to have in our collection one lounge club and three cocktail bars, considered to be some of the finest on the island. Our passion and attention to detail in delivering only the finest quality ingredients has led us to opening our own butchers, farm and bodega. Each of our  restaurants has been meticulously curated and styled to enhance your experience depending on the type of cuisine. They are each unique and each deliver an exceptional experience.

CEO, Robert Ng, found his passion for gastronomy and delivering superb dining experiences at a very early age. When Robert was 16, he worked for his father’s Slow Boat chain of seven successful restaurants here in Tenerife. Robert’s passion for fantastic quality, a signature gastronomic adventure, and delivering exceptional dining experiences led him to establish Venture Group Tenerife.

For help or any advice in choosing a restaurant, please contact our Venture Concierge booking team.